The purpose of this policy is to provide direction on the Hospital’s policy to collect the balance due on patient portion of the Hospital’s accounts.


· Little River Memorial Hospital will send patient statements and detail itemized statement when requested by the patient or responsible party and when allowed by contract or regulatory statue. 

· Little River Memorial Hospital will use the same collection process with Medicare patients as the hospital does with all other patients. This will keep Little River Memorial Hospital within the Medicare guidelines. All patients will be billed after the date of service if self-pay and after insurance pays or after a denial has been received.

· A statement cycle begins after all insurance has paid or within 4 days of discharge for self-pay accounts. 

· First statement is sent to patient with a request to set up a payment plan. It is the responsibility of the patient or guarantor to provide a correct mailing address at the time the services are rendered or upon anytime the patient’s address changes. The first statement also has a notice “If you think you need Financial Assistance “Please call the indicated phone number on the statement. Statements are sent in a 35 day cycle. 

· If no payment is received within 125 days patient will be reviewed for placement with an agency.

· Little River Memorial Hospital will accept and process an application for Financial Assistance from a patient or guarantor that has been determined to be eligible for Financial Assistance up to 6 months from the date of discharge. If patient is eligible for assistance all collection efforts will cease and the Hospital will take efforts to reverse any collection efforts that are enforce. 

Little River Memorial Hospital will make reasonable efforts to verbally communicate with the patient or guarantor about the Hospital’s Financial Policy Assistance Application and how assistance may be obtained with the application and what necessary qualifications has to be met.

If the application is submitted and qualifying information is not submitted for the Financial Assistance, Little River Memorial Hospital will suspend collection efforts and provide the patient with a written notice identifying the additional information required to complete and process the financial application. If the patient or guarantor fails to provide the additional information requested within 14 days, Little River Memorial Hospital may proceed with collection efforts.