Little River Memorial Hospital

451 West Locke Street

Ashdown, Arkansas 71822, United States

Main: 870-898-5011   Fax: 870-898-4130. 

Lab 870-898-5011 ext: 165 Fax: 870-898-4145

Radiology 870-898-5011 ext: 163 Fax: 870-898-4666

Respiratory 870-898-5011 ext: 160

Nurses Station Fax: 870-898-2081

Rehab 870-898-4115 Fax: 870-898-3677

Medical Records 870-898-5011 ext: 177 Fax: 870-898-4172

The Medical Record Department is responsible for the release of information, record processing, coding, transcription, and medical review. 

To obtain a copy of your medical record you can come by our office Mon.– Fri. 8 am to 4 pm The patient or legal guardian (if patient under the age of 18) must complete a valid authorization form and have a photo ID.  Authorization forms MUST be signed in the presence of a LRMH employee.